Jenesis Vermicompost - 0.5KG

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Jenesis vermicompost comes from 100% vermicast of African Night Crawler earthworms that feeds on high nutrients chicken manures. In order to prepare the chicken manures to feed the worms, volcanic stream water neutralised the PH level of the manures and it also provides even richer nutrients to the feed. This sets it apart from other chicken, cow, horse, or even sheep manure compost.

Jenesis vermicompost contains micro-organisms that produces enzymes, such as phosphatase and cellulase, which increases the fertility of the soil. It also adds plant hormones, such as auxins and gibberellic acid, which enhances the plant’s growth. All these improve the soil’s aeration and water holding capacity.

In addition, all harmful pathogens have been eliminated through meticulous processing, which makes Jenesis vermicompost safe to use.

Click here to find out how much Jenesis Vermicompost to use for your plants.

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