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Why Choose Jenesis: Holistic Farming Approach

100% of our vermicomposting comes from African Night Crawlers (worms) that feeds on high nutrients chickens manure.

Why Choose Jenesis: Pleasant & Clean Environment

The farm is cleaned 1 to 2 times a day & sprayed with probiotic water to remove any foul smells. The collected chicken manure is washed with volcanic water & the separated liquids are given to nearby farmers to fertilise their vegetables.

Why Choose Jenesis: Vermicompost as Natural Fertiliser

The damp chicken manures are deposited into African Night Crawlers worm beddings, producing plenty of organic matter needed to improve soil structure. The result is a more fertile soil with rich minerals & vitamins for plants to absorb.

Why Choose Jenesis: Laboratory Tested

Harmful bacteria & pathogen are eliminated through several sterilisation processes, before being sent for laboratory testing. After a certificate is issued by the Veterinary Authority in Jakarta, Jenesis Vermicompost is sealed in airtight packages & shipped to Singapore.

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