Comparing Jenesis Vermicompost against 3 other brands - Jenesis Vermicompost

Comparing Jenesis Vermicompost against 3 other brands

Experiment Set-Up

Seed Type: Sweet Basil 

Tested on: 4 brands (including Jenesis vermicompost) + 1 control = total 5

  • Each pot started with 3 seedlings
  • The same amount of soil was potted & same volume of water given
  • One tbsp vermicompost from each brand was mixed into in one pot each
  • The control pot was kept free of any vermicompost


👩‍🌾6 April 2020 : Planting experiment begin
✅11 April 2020: 1st application of vermicompost (when 2nd set of leaves appeared)
✅29 April 2020: 2nd application of vermicompost
✅8 May 2020: 3rd application of vermicompost

Picture 1:  1st application of vermicompost when a pair of new leaves are seen.


Picture 2,3,4: Comparison of growth (size of leaves) after the 3rd application.


 Picture 5: Comparison of growth (Height) after the 3rd application. (Brand Z has no fight for this)

These results showed that Jenesis yields the best result compared to all other brands and emerged victorious in terms of its growth rate. Horray!!