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Tips on applying vermicompost

Vermicompost is known to many farmers for the nourishment of soil to help plants photosynthesise and develop bountiful results.

Here are some tips on the applications of vermicompost:

  1. How much vermicompost should I add?
    Jenesis vermicompost is 100% organic with no soil added. It is recommended to apply about 20-30 grams (1 Tablespoon) on a small pot of plants or 300 grams on per square metre pot.

  2. Loosen the soil of your plant by using the planting tool such as a spade or a shovel until you can see some of the roots (do not damage too much of the plant roots when you are digging the top soil to avoid "plant-shock").

  3. Mix some amount of soil with the vermicompost and apply around the roots of the plants. (Avoid adding it too near to the leaves)

  4. Water the soil sufficiently for the first round after applying the vermicompost to let the fertiliser seep down.

  5. How often should I apply the vermicompost to my plants?

Use your observation, the vermicompost should assist plant growth. You can apply weekly as desired to aid the growth.


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