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Tianlu+ Specialty Coffee Boutique

Coffee & Me - (Gift Pack)

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This exquisite gift pack includes:

1 X Glass Coffee Cup with Glass Straw & a Holder

10 Packs of Coffee Drip Sachets of 6 types of the coffee source from 3 countries:

  • 1 X Geisha, Ethiopia 
  • 1 X 90+ Guji, Ethiopia 
  • 2 X 85+ Sidamo, Ethiopia 
  • 2 X 85+ Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia 
  • 2 X Mandheling, Indonesia 
  • 2 X Yunnan, China 

A lovely gift bag that comes with a festive greeting card.

The Reputation of Ethiopian Coffee

Considered by many to be the birthplace of coffee, Ethiopia produces some of the finest coffee that the world has to offer.

  1. Geisha coffee sometimes referred to as Gesha coffee, is a variety of coffee trees that originated in the Gori Gesha Forest, Ethiopia, though it is grown in several other nations. It is widely known for its unique flavour profile of floral and sweet notes, its high selling price, and its exclusivity as its demand has increased over the years.

  2. The Ethiopian Guji Coffee is an organically grown coffee that has flavours associated with peaches, and nectarines.

  3. Organic Ethiopia Sidamo produces a soft and light body when brewed. Medium-light roasted, this Fair-Trade coffee is light-bodied with a floral-like aroma.

  4. Yirgacheffe coffee is grown at elevations from 1,700 to 2,200 meters above sea level and is considered the best high grown coffee in southern Ethiopia, an exotic coffee region known for fine coffees.

  5. Indonesian Sumatra Mandheling coffee is well-known for its smooth and full-bodied flavour that is both earthy and complex. Rich in history and rich in flavour, these coffee beans are legendary in the world of Sumatran coffee.

  6. Most of China's coffee is grown in the Yunnan province; bordering the coffee-rich countries of Myanmar, Laos and Vietnam. ... Today, 98% of coffee in China is grown in Yunnan producing around 100,000 metric tons of coffee annually. Yunnan has a smooth chocolaty taste which is rich, fruity on drip.

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