Yunnan Akha Pu’er Raw Tea - 150g

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Yunnan Akha Pu'er Raw Tea 


  • Origin: Mengku Iceland, Lincang City, Yunnan, China
  • Altitude: 1519 meters

Mengku Iceland is a famous ancient tea village in Shuangjiang County, Lincang City. It is one of the earliest places to cultivate tea in the county. Icelandic tea is the main component of the famous Mengku large-leaf tea.

The soft and fresh tea leaves produce a well-balanced richness and fragrant tea that is soothing at any time of the day.

Brewing instructions:

  1. Pour 100˚C water to 8g Pu'er raw tea
  2. Discard the water after rinsing the tea
  3. Add fresh 100˚C water to infuse
  4. Filter the tea leaves and it is ready for consumption

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